• Download Veins LTE.
  • Install OMNeT++ (currently recommended version: 4.6).
  • Install SUMO (currently recommended version: 0.25.0).

Linux without the IDE (recommended)

  • Switch to the root of the repository and type:
    • make makefiles
    • make
  • Switch to the folder veins/examples/heterogeneous and run the example with ./run -u Cmdenv -c nodebug

Linux with the IDE

  • File Import General/Existing Projects into Workspace Next
  • Select the Veins LTE directory as root and tick all three available projects (inet, lte, and veins) Next
  • rightclick on veins Properties OMNeT++ tick With INET Framework
  • Project Build All (or CTRL+B)
  • Go to the folder veins/examples/heterogeneous rightclick omnetpp.ini Run As OMNeT++ Simulation


Currently there is are several issues with Veins LTE on Windows, we currently do not recommend using Windows.

Mac OS

The commands for Linux should also work on Mac OS (not tested).